Before Departing To CA, Trump Explains WHY Pelosi Deserves To Be Speaker Of The House

President Trump doubled down on his support for Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s bid for speaker of the House Saturday morning, offering her Republican votes if needed.

He took to twitter announcing that she has earned it along with praising her to the press before heading to California. (Video Below)

President Trump specified Rep. Tom Reed, (R-NY) as a possible vote for Nancy Pelosi’s bid, and the Presdident said he would get Pelosi “as many votes as she wants.”

Before departing to California to meet with Gov. Jerry Brown and incoming governor Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to discuss the ongoing wildfires and devastation, President Trump said the Democrats have no one else who could be speaker.

“I like her, can you believe it? I like Nancy Pelosi. She’s tough, and she’s smart, but she deserves to be speaker, and now they’re playing games with her, just like they’ll be playing with me. It’s called presidential harassment. In a way, her own party is harassing her.” He said.

President Trump said he tagged Rep. Tom Reed as an example of a more moderate Republican who could be tapped to support Pelosi rather than from the more conservative wing of the party. (Video Below)

The President added, “But I don’t imagine she’d need too many. But whatever number of votes she needs, if its 50 or 10 or 2 or 1, she’s got ’em from me, automatic. So, tell her opposition they’re wasting their time.”

Rep. Tom Reed told Buffalo News on Thursday he could see supporting Pelosi or another Democrat, under certain circumstances.

Pelosi said in a press conference this week she wouldn’t accept Republican votes to win the leadership spot and is confident she has the votes necessary in her party. (Video Below)

President Trump tweeted Saturday morning, “I can get Nancy Pelosi as many votes as she wants in order for her to be Speaker of the House. She deserves this victory, she has earned it – but there are those in her party who are trying to take it away. She will win! @TomReedCongress”

Watch Below as the President speaks with the press about Nancy Pelosi before heading to California: