Bill O’Reilly Breaks Down The Caravan & Pinpoints Who Exactly Is Funding It

Bill O’Reilly joined Wayne Oliver on his radio program on Newsmax TV and Bill dropped some serious knowledge after investigating the caravan on our Southern border.

Bill knows exactly who gave 2.5 million to the migrant movement, in order to “crash the U.S. immigration” system.

O’Reilly told the nuts and bolts of the Migrant Caravan money man.

First, Bill tells America how his staff  INVESTIGATED the caravan. They went to the Tijuana border and discovered “who is funding all of this” because the mainstream media is not doing it.

O’Reilly told us that they found out that the illegal immigrants were “bused from Mexico City to Tijuana.” Then he hits the point home…”Bused, right? THAT costs a lot of money.”

And it begs the question as Bill asked rhetorically, “what’s behind it?”  WHO is funding the bus ride?

There is a Chicago based organization that we believe is behind the funding for this migration operation. In the past, this Chicago based operation received money from GEORGE SOROS and his Open Society Foundation,” Bill said.

O’Reilly spilled the beans!

Specifically, O’Reilly cites, “In fact, in 2009 the Open Society Foundation gave this group in Chicago…2.5 million. That was in ’09 so you can assume they’ve been giving money ever since.”

“There’s BIG BIG far left money behind this migrant movement. And the goal is to crash the US immigration system on the Southern border. CRASH IT,” O’Reilly concluded.

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WATCH BILL O’REILLY on migrant caravan: