Rudy Sounds Off On Hillary’s 30,000 Deleted Emails, Demands She Gets ‘Investigated’

Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal attorney took some time Tuesday to speak with The Hill in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

And in a BOLD statement he told WHY Hillary should be investigated for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. (MORE BELOW.) Preview (opens in a new window)

Rudy let the cat out to the bag in a phone interview.

In an exclusive “13-minute phone interview with The Hill that had initially been focused on the current state of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation,” the conversation turned to Hillary and her email situation.

The Hill wrote, “Comparisons between the actions of the President’s daughter and those of the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee were unfair, he insisted.”

“During the interview, the former New York City mayor segued into complaints about news stories regarding Ivanka Trump’s use of a personal email account last year.,” The Hill wrote.

“Comparisons between the actions of the president’s daughter and those of the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee were unfair, he insisted,” The Hill reported. (MORE BELOW.) 

Rudy tells it like it is in his New York style!

As reported by The Hill, he said, “It’s so stupid!” Giuliani said. “So [Ivanka] used her personal email. The thing wrong with Hillary is not that she used her personal email.”

“It’s that she didn’t maintain it. She destroyed it. She destroyed the emails. Somebody used a sledgehammer. Jesus!” Giuliani exclaimed. BOOM. There you have it. The BIG difference.

A rookie mistake by Ivanka and a seasoned Secretary of State who literally DESTROYED equipment. BIG difference. Rudy is right! h/t The Hill.