Rudy Opens Up On Why He Thinks An Obstruction Case Against Trump ‘Doesn’t Exist’

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President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani recently sat down with Axios to set the record straight on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and what direction he thinks it’s all headed.

The interview came just hours after President Trump submitted answers to Mueller’s team and Giuliani gave some insight on key topics related to it.

Giuliani told Axios that the questions asked by Mueller’s team “looked like a law school exam … one big long group of questions, that were multi-part questions.” And it would have taken an ordinary client “four, five, or six hours” to answer them.

He said the questions generally focused on Don Jr.’s meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower and Russian hacks that occurred during the 2016 campaign.

Giuliani stressed his confidence that Mueller’s team does not have evidence of collision of any kind. He then touched on whether or not he thinks there will be an obstruction case on the President.

Giuliani wouldn’t give the exact questions that were asked, but he did say none of them showed any sign that Mueller’s team was investigating obstruction.Continued Below

And although he admits he doesn’t know for sure if Mueller will open an obstruction case, Giuliani said there would be many challenges doing so, as “it would consume months.” And he thinks it’s a legal battle Mueller could not win.

Giuliani said, “I don’t think he has any way to compel testimony on obstruction because the argument of executive privilege would be very, very strong. It all relates to a period of time after he was president.”

He added, “[A]ny question he has on obstruction, … [t]he president has given [the answers] in interviews, tweets. Other witnesses have given it to him. And the law definitely requires that if you’re going to subpoena a president, you have to show that you can’t get the information any place else.

Giuliani has said all along that the President has done nothing wrong in connection to Mueller’s Russian collusion probe as well as a rumored investigation into obstruction.

We leave you with video of Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz on why President Trump was smart to answer Mueller’s questions in writing.