On His First Day Back, Sarah Sanders Immediately Rejects Acosta’s Question, ‘That’s Not True’

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing Tuesday, and CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, got his first question after his pass was revoked and ultimately reinstated.

Acosta’s hard pass was revoked after shouting questions at President Trump and refusing to hand over the microphone to an intern during a news conference earlier in the month. (Video Below)

Jim Acosta was among several reporters who tested the new rules Tuesday with follow up questions.

During Tuesday’s briefing when Sarah Huckabee Sanders called upon Jim Acosta, he asked about Paul Manafort and the Mueller investigation, along with his “follow up.”

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Sanders stated, “Not only has the president, but the entire administration has been fully cooperative with the special counsel’s office, providing hours and hours of sit-downs as well as over 4 million pages of documents. We continue to be cooperative. We also know there was no collusion, and we’re ready for this to wrap up.” (Video Below)

Acosta asked a few follow up questions about President Trump’s relationship with the CIA. “Why doesn’t he have faith in his advisers?”

Sarah rejected his question immediately and declared, “That’s not accurate. That’s not true. The president has faith in the intelligence community and certainly in the team that he has assembled around him. There’s really nothing else to add on that front.”

Acosta continued to test the waters and replied, “[Trump] doesn’t believe the CIA” on their initial report on the Khashoggi killing. (Video Below)

“We haven’t seen definitive evidence come from our intelligence community that ties him directly to that. What we have seen is a number of individuals that we know are tied to that, and those individuals have been sanctioned,” Sarah replied.

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