First Lady Melania Issues A Proper Response To Red Christmas Tree Haters ‘I Think They Look Great’

Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump spoke at Liberty University and addressed the media’s Trump derangement syndrome over her choice of White House Christmas decorations.

Eric Bolling, host at CRTV, moderated a Q&A with the First Lady after her speech. Bolling asked her opinion of the recent media’s outrage over her choice of White House Christmas decorations. (Video Below)

After the official unveiling of the decorations Monday, a large chorus of media figures online have called the first lady’s Christmas decorations the likes of “creepy,” “Christmas from Hell” and “spooky.”

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The Washington Post devoted an entire article to criticizing her decorations. Vice said it was a “Christmas from Hell.” MSNBC hosts said it looked like a scene from “The Shining.” Slate wondered, “What message is Melania Trump sending with her red Christmas trees of death?” Via Daily Caller.

While speaking with the First Lady, Bolling said “The red Christmas trees in the White House. Are you kidding me? This is what they worry about when lives could be saved?” (Video Below)

Melania brushed off the haters attacks and responded, “I think they look fantastic.”

She added, “We are in the 21st century and everybody has a different taste. I think they look fantastic.”

Then, the First Lady invited the large student audience to visit the White House. “I hope you will call come over to visit. In real life they look even more beautiful. You are all welcome to visit the White House, the people’s house,” she said as the room cheered. (Video Below)

Eric Bolling told Melania that his wife wants a red Christmas tree now because of the First Lady’s choice of decorations.

Melania also said of the haters, “They would like to portray different stories and focus on unimportant stuff. I’m here to shine the light and focus on important stuff.”

The First Lady is such a class act. Watch Below: