Following A Tumultuous FL Recount, Trump Gets The Last Laugh On Brenda Snipes

Brenda Snipes, the former Supervisor for Elections in Broward County who botched the 2018 midterm voter counts, received some love from President Trump Tuesday night.

Snipes who resigned from the pressure of the failed election voter counts, is walking away. She is walking away with a tidy sum in her retirement package! (MORE BELOW.) 

President Trump tweets about Brenda Snipes!

First, let’s put all of this into context. A funny meme of Brenda Snipes has been floating around social media platforms for weeks.

She is wearing a blue dress covered in “I VOTED” stickers.

It’s especially funny because of the alleged shenanigans happening in Broward County with all of the “extra” found votes.

Before you ask, YES, it’s photoshopped! But it is HILARIOUS. See the meme below. (SEE MEME BELOW.) 

Brenda Snipes wearing "I VOTED" stickers. Unknown meme origin.

Brenda Snipes wearing “I VOTED” stickers. Unknown meme origin.

President Trump has a wonderful sense of humor! 

After seeing the meme on his Twitter feed, President Trump jokingly tweeted, “Brenda Snipes, in charge of voting in Broward County, Florida, was just spotted wearing a beautiful dress with 300 I VOTED signs on it. Just kidding, she is a fine, very honorable and highly respected voting tactician!” (MORE BELOW.) 

In ending, Brenda Snipes – after resigning – will be walking away with “almost $11,000 a month. That’s what Brenda Snipes‘ will be receiving in pension benefits when she resigns in January as the Broward County,” as reported by the Sun-Sentenial. What do you think about those apples? Botch an election and then rewarded like THAT?