Lewandowski & Bossie Blast MSM Over Their Constant Plot To Take Down Trump

[Image source: Fox News, PBS Newshour, The Hill-Twitter-- video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation.]

Cory Lewandowski and David Bossie joined Howard Kurtz on Fox News’ the White House Watch for an explosive interview on big politics and the media.

The dynamic duo, David and Cory BLASTED the mainstream media to Kingdom Come and back after they revealed the lengths the media takes to bring down the Presidency. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State is Undermining the Presidency.”  —  Book by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie

Cory Lewandowski, former Campaign Manager to President Trump and adviser to Vice President Pence’s PAC ripped the media for it’s lopsided opinions regarding the President.

Lewandowski said, “CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media has Trump Derangement Syndrome.” It’s a thing, folks! Cory laid out CNN’s latest false narratives to make Trump look bad in the eyes of the American people.

Howard asked him if a “prosecutorial noose tightening around the President’s neck” was true or not. Cory responded,  “Howie….this is amazing. CNN does NOT have ONE on-air talent that could be considered a conservative. They have gone so far to the left that their ONLY message now is TO GO AFTER THE PRESIDENT.”

Specifically, he said, “Michael Cohen has plead to LYING TO CONGRESS which nobody told him to do — but — himself.” Cory cited a second recent example, he said, “Yet, CNN ran wall-to-wall coverage about a meeting that Paul Manafort supposedly took with Julian Assange which now we find out…never happened.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The media and it’s negative coverage of President Trump and his America First Agenda.

We The People voted our President into office. It would be nice if the media respected that instead of trying to sway everyone to their leftist perspective. Howard made the point that the President has the “biggest bull horn” in the world to defend himself against the constant negative media attacks.

David Bossie, is from Washington and he is the former Deputy Campaign Manager for President Trump. He responded, “And he does, he does it everyday. He needs to do it. And what happens is this media narrative by the left-wing media in this Country — this vast left-wing conspiracy — that IS out to DESTROY this President.”

Specifically, Bossie said, “They tried to defeat him during the campaign. They tried to delegitimize him during the transition. And now they are trying to run him out-of-town [sic] through impeachment.” Furthermore, he said for the next two years the President will under siege by the left-wing Congress.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Howard takes on Cory and David over FAKE NEWS.