New Report Outlines Who Trump’s Top Pick Is To Be The Next Attorney General

It’s been nearly a month since Jeff Sessions resigned from his post as Attorney General. And the stakes are higher than ever for President Trump to pick someone who he feels he can have his full confidence in, along with minimal harassment from the left.

Acting AG Matt Whitaker has been met with cries from Trump’s opposition immediately after filling the post. The left believes Whitaker was only picked for the job due to negative comments he formerly made about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. And as days tick away until Democrats take control of the House, a new report indicates who is likely at the top of Trump’s short list to head the DOJ moving forward.

According to ABC News, President Trump has already made his decision on who he wants to be the next Attorney General, and he reportedly already shared his decision with his staff.

So who exactly is on the top of Trump’s short list to oversee the DOJ?

It’s none other than former Attorney General William Barr, as per The Washington Examiner. And if all goes as stated by the report, Trump will announce his decision to the public as early as next week.

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William Barr coincidentally served as Attorney General during the final months of George H.W. Bush’s presidency.

If, in fact, Barr ends up being Trump’s pick, the timing of the move would help mend any lasting fray that exists between Trump and the Bush’s, who ironically suffered the loss of Former President George H.W. Bush in recent days.

Before the death of President Bush, both former Bush Presidents rallied around President Trump’s SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh, in what was one of the first major moves by the Bush family to help Trump’s agenda. Video Below

So with a man like Barr in Trump’s Administration, it would be one strong hat tip to the Bush family for using a man that George H.W. Bush would have the full backing of, if he were still alive today.

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Here is a current video on Trump’s rumored pick for Attorney General: