In A Powerful Statement, Fitton Breaks Down The Chief Components Of Clinton Corruption

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DC Watch Dog, Tom Fitton, was on Capitol Hill today to testify on the findings of Judicial Watch’s extensive investigation into the matters surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

In his opening statement, Fitton perfectly summarized and laid out key implicating situations involving the Clinton Foundation that occurred while Hillary Clinton headed the State Department. Video Below

Fitton said both Democrats and Republicans were concerned when Hillary was chosen by then President Barack Obama to head the State Department. This was due to the conflict of interest involving the Clinton Foundation, which at the time was acting in full swing with governments around the world.

While Hillary was being confirmed as Secretary of State, Clinton agreed that she “would not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter involving specific parties on which the William Clinton Foundation is a party or represents a party.”

Among all agreements made by Hillary upon her being confirmed, Fitton admitted that he had “zero confidence that these promises would be kept.” And that is when he decided to begin monitoring the ethics process.

While keeping a close-eye on activities that proceeded Hillary’s appointment to Secretary of State, Fitton discussed with Congress several documented matters and exchanges that should raise eyebrows. Video Below

Mr. Fitton was troubled by an array of matters, including the large amount of money Bill Clinton received from foreign governments for speeches, the ease at which high-dollar donors got first dibs on meeting with Hillary Clinton and the activities of her associates in both the State Department and in the Clinton Foundation.

But among the most controversial exchange, involved the 2010 Uranium One Deal and matters that took place before and after the deal was struck.

Fitton claims, “There were monies that were funnelled into the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One interests.” He then said, “These monies were then hidden from the American people.” Fitton said funds donated specifically for Uranium One amounted to $31.3 million dollars over time, which the foundation never disclosed to the public as promised when Hillary got the job as Secretary of State. Video Below

Fitton Breaks Down The Chief Components Of Clinton Corruption

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