Trump On Cohen: ‘Charges Were Agreed On To Embarrass The President & Get A Reduced Prison Sentence’

President Trump took to twitter Thursday morning trolling his haters and setting the record straight on the wall and his former attorney Michael Cohen.

Cohen was sentenced to 3 years to prison. He also has pay $1.4 million in restitution, as well as a “$50,000 fine, and forfeit $500,000.” Additionally, he doesn’t have to surrender until March 6. (Video Below)

Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, said Cohen will one day “tell the full truth about Donald Trump.”

However, the President wrote on a twitter, “I never directed Michael Cohen to break the law. He was a lawyer and he is supposed to know the law. It is called “advice of counsel,” and a lawyer has great liability if a mistake is made. That is why they get paid.”

He continued, “Despite that many campaign finance lawyers have strongly stated that I did nothing wrong with respect to campaign finance laws, if they even apply, because this was not campaign finance. Cohen was guilty on many charges unrelated to me, but he plead to two campaign charges which were not criminal and of which he probably was not guilty even on a civil basis.”

Trump added, “Those charges were just agreed to by him in order to embarrass the president and get a much reduced prison sentence, which he did-including the fact that his family was temporarily let off the hook. As a lawyer, Michael has great liability to me!” (Video Below)

Further, President Trump weighed in on the wall to remind everyone that Mexico is paying for the wall as he said during his campaign.

Trump wrote, “I often stated, “One way or the other, Mexico is going to pay for the Wall.” This has never changed. Our new deal with Mexico (and Canada), the USMCA, is so much better than the old, very costly & anti-USA NAFTA deal, that just by the money we save, MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL!”

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President Trump’s Official Tweets:

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer tweeted, “Here’s why Cohen’s two payments to women during the campaign were not illegal,” and included an article.

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