Moments Ago, Pres Trump Issued A Happy New Year Message Heard Around America

Before the ball will drop at midnight on New Years eve, President Trump wished everyone a Happy New Year.

The President took to Twitter with a short and sweet video message ahead of 2019. (Video Below)

President Trump tweeted a video outside of the White House Monday evening, instead of Mar-a-Lago, reminding America he’s still working hard for us, despite the holidays.

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“While I’m at the White House working, you’re out there partying, but I don’t blame you.” The President began in the video.

He continued, “Enjoy yourselves. We’re going to have a great year.” (Video Below)

“Have a really happy, happy New Year!” The Commander in Chief exclaimed.

Unlike Democrats, President Trump opted to stay in Washington, D.C. to work amid the government shutdown and the holidays.

He is doing what we elected him to do, and he is keeping his promises. (Video Below)

President Trump’s Happy New Year message:

Happy New Year!