After Press Briefing, President Trump Trolls His Haters With Another Epic Game Of Thrones Image

President Trump dropped another genius Game of Thrones-style poster of himself on Instagram Thursday where it refers to the border wall.

The Instagram post displays President Trump with the phrase: “The Wall Is Coming.”

The image shared on Instagram was posted after President Trump made a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room, where he discussed border security amid the ongoing partial government shutdown.

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“We need protection in our country.The people of our country want it.” President Trump said during the press briefing.

He explained, “I have never had so much support as I have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control and for, frankly, the wall or the barrier. I have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in, in terms of people writing and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do. I’ve never had this much support.” (Continued Below)

From Fox News:

Another “Game of Thrones”-style poster featuring Trump made its way into a Cabinet meeting Wednesday via a print-out that was placed on the table in front of the president.

The poster contains the warning “Sanctions Are Coming” — a spoof of the Stark family’s iconic phrase “Winter Is Coming.” It was first debuted on Trump’s Twitter account on Nov. 2, as the Trump administration prepared to announce new sanctions from the “Westeros Wing” on Iran, completing the removal of the U.S. from the 2015 nuclear deal. (Continued Below)

Check out the posters below: