Master Troller: Trump Delivers Initial Blow To Warren’s 2020 Campaign With A Viral Meme

President Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning where he dropped off a hilarious reaction to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential aspirations.

In having a little bit of fun, Trump tweeted a meme that portrays to be a campaign slogan for Warren.

President Trump is hands down the “master troller.” He gets his message directly to the American people, bypassing the mainstream media, and we love it.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA) has become the laughing stock since President Trump coined her as Pocahontas, and even more so after her DNA analysis on Native American heritage came back revealing she is only 1/1,024 Native American.

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Warren pretended to be Native American and it’s obvious she has a problem being herself with her latest video she released. (Continued Below)

Warren announced at a news conference outside her home Monday that she was filing paperwork to launch an exploratory committee for president, becoming the first candidate to take the major step toward a 2020 run — and she reminded her audience that the day had been a break from her normal routine, reported Fox News.

Following, she cracked a beer while talking during an Instagram livestream and preparing for a 2020 run.

President Trump responded with an epic meme. (Continued Below)

President Trump’s Official Tweet: