Kellyanne Conway Slams Top Networks For Spreading Buzzfeed’s False Story, Demands Apologies

Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway took to twitter where she  weighed in on Buzzfeed’s debunked story about President Trump directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Tower Project.

Buzzfeed was fed to wolves after special counsel Robert Mueller’s office refuted the story Friday evening in a statement. (Video Below)

Peter Carr, a spokesperson for special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, released a statement disputing Buzzfeed‘s report that read, “Buzzfeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate.”

Kellyanne Conway slammed the top mainstream networks for spreading the false story and demanded apologies.

She wrote, “Dear Media Types, Your job is to get the story, not get the President. If you dove into #buzzfeed headfirst yesterday, you own it, too. “If true” was a faint murmur “Impeach” was said 200x on CNN & MSNBC The 3 networks devoted 27 minutes to it.”

She added, “Maybe just apologize?” (Video Below)

The Daily Caller, reported, CNN and MSNBC collectively used the word “impeach” nearly 200 times on Friday before the Special Counsel’s office disputed a bombshell report by BuzzFeed News.

According to a Daily Caller review of TV clipping service Grabien, personalities on CNN and MSNBC used the words “Impeach,” “Impeachment,” or “Impeachable,” 179 times.

CNN mentioned impeachment 82 times while MSNBC mentioned it a whopping 97 times, Daily Caller added. (Video Below)

Further, Sean Hannity on Friday night, played a clip of the media talking heads repeating “impeachment,” over and over. Check it out below.

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The level of bias and hatred toward President Trump is old and needs to end.

Kellyanne Conway’s official tweet:

Check out Sean Hannity exposing the media’s hysteria and fake outrage.