Don Jr. Gets The Last Laugh After Blumenthal Calls On Him To Be Hauled Back To Senate

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal is having a very difficult time winning.

He attempted to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination to Supreme Court and that failed. He recently tried to imply that President Trump could be prosecuted while grilling AG Nominee William Barr, which Barr shut him down on that notion. But that’s not all.

Now, after BuzzFeed peddled a Fake News story on President Trump & Michael Cohen, Blumenthal prematurely jumped to the conclusion that Don Jr. should be hauled back to the Senate Judiciary Committee. This came in light of conclusions made from the phony story that liberal mainstream sources peddled.

Blumenthal said, “Now unavoidably, Trump Jr must be called back to Senate Judiciary Committee in light of untruths in what he told us, exposing himself to potential perjury charges. All in the family.”

Just moments after Blumenthal launched out this tweet targeting Don Jr., Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office debunked the entire BuzzFeed story, leaving MSM and Dems up in arms.

Don Jr., who saw Blumenthal’s tweet, hit back 10 times harder in classic Trump fashion and humiliated the Senator over his conclusion based on a fraudulent story. Continued Below

Blumenthal is no stranger to false claims. He’s been roasted by President Trump for openly lying about serving in the Vietnam War, which Don Jr. also made the center piece of his response back to the Senator.

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Don Jr. retweeted Blumenthal’s initial statement with a reply that read, “Hey Da Nang Dick, I know you love to run with fake stories, like when you lied about serving in Vietnam, but you should probably not rely on buzzfeed to continue your witch hunt. Your desperation reeks.” See Below

Donald Trump Jr.’s Official Reply To Senator Blumenthal

Ouch! Do you smell that? Blumenthal got burned once again!