Right As Gov’t Reopened, Jordan Puts Pressure Directly On Pelosi & Schumer: ‘Time To Negotiate’

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Friday marked a critical day between Democrats and Republicans as a newly passed bill allowed for government to be reopened up to three weeks while negotiations can take place between the two parties.

Over the course of the temporary government shutdown, Republicans have been anxious to work out a deal with Democrats that will include funding for a wall in the budget. Democrats, however, have been reluctant to negotiate, and gave the excuse that they will do so once the government is opened.

Republicans have fulfilled their end of the bargain to allow for talks to begin by approving the bill to temporarily open government. As a result, the pressure is now on Democrats to stand behind their words and show willingness to work out a deal.

Jim Jordan was among the first of Republican leaders to turn up the heat on Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, now that they got their wish of government reopening as a clause to negotiate.

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Jordan released a statement via social media once the government was reopened. See Below

In a tweet, Jordan said, “Democrats have said for over a month they’ll negotiate when the government opens.”

He added, “It’s open. Your move [Nancy Pelosi] and [Chuck Schumer]. Time to negotiate. Time to build the border security wall.”

Jordan then declared, “If not, the President should use his lawful emergency powers.  See Below

Jim Jordan’s Official Tweet

On Saturday morning, President Trump kept up pressure on Democrats with the following tweets.