Reporter Questions Trump’s Nat’l Emergency Tactic For A Wall, Sarah Swipes Back: ‘You’re Missing The Point’

On Monday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing where she took questions from the biased left wing press.

Sarah is a force not to reckon with, and she slapped down each reporter one-by-one after as they tried to smear the President. (Video Below)

During the briefing, Hallie Jackson, Chief White House correspondent for NBC News, and an anchor for its cable division, MSNBC, tried her luck and failed miserably when it was her turn.

Jackson mocked the issue of the border crisis at the southern U.S. Mexico border and whether President Trump would call a national emergency.

“You talked about the possibility of the President using his executive authority. He has put that option on the table many times and most recently Friday in the Rose Garden. If the President truly believes if what is happening is an emergency, why would he wait three weeks to declare it?” She asked.

Sarah explained, “Because it’s real simple: the President has said and most of us in the administration have said on a number of fronts– the best fix is to be able to do it legislatively, but if Congress, particularly Democrats in Congress would rather play political games than actually do their jobs and fix the problem, then the President will be forced to take a different path.” (Video Below)

Jackson wasn’t satisfied and tried again. She told Sarah that it must not be an emergency because the President hasn’t declared a national emergency yet.

“It’s not an emergency! You can’t have a half emergency, right? So which is it?” Jackson smugly asked while throwing her hands up in the air.

“You’re missing the point! It’s not just an emergency, it’s a crisis at the border– but the national security and a humanitarian crisis.” Sarah continued, “But there’s a process in which the President wants to exhaust all options, primary doing what we feel is the best one, which is a legislative fix. But if Congress doesn’t do their job, then the President will be forced to make up for all of their shortcomings.” (Video Below)

So, Hallie Jackson wanted to make it out that the crisis at the border is not real. Further, she wanted to push the boundaries and call the President’s bluff. This is your everyday mainstream media narrative.

It’s not her call or anyone at the networks call to give advice, question his actions or get upset and throw a tantrum over what steps he is trying to take. The President remains steady at trying to work with Congress the legal way without using his his executive authority.


Watch Hallie’s facial expression when Sarah tells her she is missing the point. The full interaction is in second clip below.