Amid 2nd Shutdown Concerns, Sarah Launches A Signal To Federal Employees: ‘Call Your Democrat Members Of Congress’

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a briefing on Monday after the partial government shutdown ended.

The shutdown lasted 35 days, deeming it the longest in U.S. history. (Video Below)

President Trump on Friday signed a short-term spending bill to re-open the government, and he signed the stop-gap spending bill just hours after the measure passed the Senate and House.

The White House said in a statement late Friday, “On Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, the president signed into law: H.J. Res. 28, the ‘Further Additional Continuing Appropriations Act, 2019,’ which includes a short-term continuing resolution that provides fiscal year 2019 appropriations through Feb. 15, 2019, for continuing projects and activities of the Federal Government included in the remaining seven appropriations bills. Also included in the enrolled bill are provisions regarding retroactive pay and reimbursement, and extensions of certain authorities.

The deal for a short-term spending bill, which would keep the government open until Feb. 15, was agreed on to help those affected by the partial shutdown.

After signing the bill, President Trump defended the move, insisting that he had not caved on funding for border security. He wrote on Twitter, “I wish people would read or listen to my words on the Border Wall. This was in no way a concession. It was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the Shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it’s off to the races!” (Video Below)

The President also noted that if no deal was reached to fund border security and construction of a wall before Feb. 15, he would use his presidential powers to declare an emergency.

“Walls should not be controversial,” he said. “As Commander in Chief, my highest priority is the defense of our great country.”

During Monday’s briefing, a reporter asked about this topic with concerns of another shutdown. (Video Below)

Francesca Chambers, White House Correspondent for the Daily Mail, asked the press secretary, “You’re not exactly ruling out another shutdown and many federal workers that came back today are concerned that there could be another shutdown. What is your advice or message to them in this three weeks? Should they be saving their money? Should they be concerned that they might not get another paycheck so soon?”

Sarah Sanders sounded off with sound advice to the federal employees:

“My advice would be to call your Democrat members of Congress and ask them to fix the problems so that we don’t have to continue having this process and that we actually secure the border and protect American citizens.” The press secretary said, without hesitation.

To contact your elected officials: Senators and Representatives [CLICK HERE] 



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