Meadows Reveals How Schiff Just One-Upped Trump In The Election Interference Category

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Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff has spent countless days pushing the Russia collusion narrative without evidence or facts in an attempt to discredit President Trump’s election victory.

As time ticks by, however, Democrats are shown to have had more ties to Russia and election interference, in comparison to President Trump and his associates. And Schiff, ironically, was the latest Democrat whose connection was exposed.

Schiff suffered more humiliation in recent days as it was uncovered by The Hill’s Jon Solomon that he met with Glenn Simpson in July of 2017, in what was a “Forrest Gump-like encounter.” Both Simpson and Schiff admitted to a meeting, but that it was supposedly brief.

Simpson is a founder of the research firm Fusion GPS that was behind the infamous Steele Dossier, and is one of the key and most controversial figures in the Russia collusion scandal.

Rep. Mark Meadows took a moment on Monday to call out Schiff over his meeting with Simpson and what it implies.

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Meadows, like many Republicans, are tired of seeing President Trump harassed by his opposition who are continually proven to be hypocrites of their own allegations.

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Meadows wrote, “With the report of Adam Schiff meeting with Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson last summer, we now have more evidence of Schiff directly contacting people trying to interfere in our election than we ever did on candidate Trump.” He added, “Double standard. The collusion investigation is a sham.” Video Below

Mark Meadows’ Official Tweet Directed At Adam Schiff

We leave you with video of Jon Solomon discussing the mounting evidence that shows Democrats are actually the ones who colluded with Russia.