Schumer Calls McConnell’s Green Deal Vote A Ploy, James Woods Confirms: ‘Correct, That Makes You Mitch’s B–ch’

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was apparently taken off guard when Mitch McConnell announced that he would call a vote on the disastrous Green New Deal to see where Senators stood on the issue.

The Green New Deal, which was sponsored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and prominent Democrats, was virally ridiculed after its rollout on Cortez’s website, as it featured ideas such as cutting airplanes and cracking down of cow flatulence to help the environment.

Schumer responded by calling McConnell’s decision to call a vote on the Green Deal as a “stunt,” a “cheap political ploy” and a “game of political gotcha.”

Upon learning of Schumer’s response to McConnell, conservative actor James Woods actually gave Schumer confirmation of his initial thoughts.

It was a move that goes against grain of Woods’ normal reactions to Democrats as he often has to refute their political statements. However, his response this time wasn’t any more forgiving.

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Woods tweeted an article that included Schumer’s reaction to McConnell, and he captioned it in one of the most epic ways.

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Woods said, “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer calls Green Deal vote by McConnell a “stunt,” a “cheap, cynical ploy” and “a game of political gotcha.” That is correct, sir. It is all of the above. And that makes you Mitch’s Bitch, Enjoy!”

Official Tweet From James Woods

BOOM! James Woods Strikes Again!