Don Jr. Calls Out ‘Breadline Bernie’ As Video Surfaces Of Sanders Praising The USSR

Soon after Bernie Sanders announced his bid for the 2020 Presidential election, videos have been circulating that show Sanders along with his wife, Jane, praising countries where socialism was heavily practiced.

The most recent video that has surfaced, is from 1988 and features Bernie and Jane Sanders discussing a trip to the USSR. Donald Trump Jr. caught wind of the video and exposed the pair for what they said in it.

Bernie is the first of the pair to talk in the short clip and he is heard praising the Soviet system.

Sanders pointed out that while in Moscow, he was “impressed” by their transportation system as well as their youth and cultural programs that he said go “far beyond what we do in this country.”

Jane then is heard adding to Bernie’s thoughts and said, “The city was beautiful. We were astounded with the openness, the optimism, the enthusiasm in the nation.” She too said she was struck by the way they treated children and the cultural aspect.

Don Jr. was dumbfounded by what he saw them admit and retweeted the video with his thoughts.

The man who intially tweeted the video, who goes by the profile name “Mike,” reacted with, “Astounding! After a 1988 trip to the USSR, @BernieSanders & wife Jane praise the Soviet system. When I visited Moscow the same year, the decrepitude overwhelmed me. The Sanders are 20 years older than me. To a shocking degree, they are blinded by ideology.”

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Don Jr. then chimed in and gave his thoughts on what he just watched, when he said, “Breadline Bernie would like for everyone to know that, sure, Communism may have killed millions of people in the USSR, but don’t worry because their children’s puppetry was amazing! (Seriously, just watch!) See Below

Bernie Sanders And His Wife Praise The USSR

Don Jr. used the nickname “Breadline Bernie” likely in response to another surfaced video that shows Sanders praising socialist bread lines.

Bernie said, “It’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food. That is a good thing! In other countries, people don’t line up for food. The rich get the food and the poor starve to death.”

In ending, here is video of Bernie praising bread lines: