Lewandowski Exhibits How Obama Knew About Trump Camp Spying: ‘This Went To The Very Top Of The Previous Administration’

Former Trump campaign chairman, Cory Lewandowski, weighed in on Attorney General William Barr’s belief that President Trump’s Presidential campaign was spied on.

The bold statement made by Barr during his Congressional testimony reignited the discussion of who knew about such spying that may have occurred, and who should be held accountable if it was done unlawfully.

Lewandowski told Fox Host Trish Regan that he believes top Obama officials spied on members of the Trump campaign because they “didn’t like the politics of us.”

Lewandowski said, “They were so afraid that Donald Trump was going to win the Presidency, that they started to spy on Americans on domestic soil and get applications and warrants against us because they wanted to make sure Donald Trump never won.”

He went on to say that spying continued after the election and during Trump’s Presidency, and it has ruined people’s lives by trying to get them to admit to things they didn’t do.

Lewandowski expressed relief that William Barr appears to be motivated to finally get to the bottom of tactics used in the investigation against Trump, as he believes criminal acts were committed. Video Below

Lewandowski then made a bold statement against former President Obama’s administration when he claimed, “This went to the very top of the previous administration. They knew about it and I believe they sanctioned it.”

Trish asked Cory if this means President Obama, himself, knew about it. He replied, “If not Barack Obama, and I believe he did know about it, than I believe the National Security Advisor, the Deputy National Security Advisor and all of the people around Barack Obama absolutely knew about this.” He continued, “They sanctioned it and they were never supposed to get caught because Donald Trump was not supposed to win.”

Lewandowski mentioned how President Trump believes Obama knew about the spying and that should “scare every American that the former President of the United States was using his power and influence to stop a political adversary from winning an election.” Video Below

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