Jesse Watters Sounds Off: ‘President Trump Fought Back, That Is Not Obstruction’

For two years we lived through screaming, fake moral outrage, and character assassinations from the left wing media, who was deep invested in their lies. We also lived in a world where people worshipped Robert Mueller and the media and Democrat lawmakers held him high on a pedestal.

To their dismay, Mueller himself, ultimately, found no collusion with the Trump campaign and Russia. Further no obstruction. The collusion delusion is dead, it crushed their dreams and yet sadly, some with some still cling to it.

Thursday on Fox News’ “The Five”, the panel weighed in with victory after the Mueller report was released, but Jesse Watters sounded off.

“The way I see it is: the President has been falsely accused for two years as a traitor. Mueller has now concluded that he’s not a traitor, and the Democrats, instead of being happy that the President is not a traitor, they’re angry about the way President fought back against the false allegations that he was a traitor” Watters explained.

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Former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino agreed with Jesse calling the Mueller investigation a “disgrace.” He added, “Whoever wrote this report, Mueller, Weissman– the team of Democrats framed it in such a way to leave out very significant facts. (Continued Below)

Greg Gutfeld vowed he is never going to read the Mueller report, because it is not news to him. “If you were conscience on March 24th, you already knew it. That was called a spoiler alert– when you were told there was no obstruction or collusion.”

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Gutfeld added, “So this is the second time around for me, and it feels pretty good.” (Continued Below)

Bongino said that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has claimed many times that he has “evidence of collusion, but yet to produce it”. He asked, “Should we take the Democrats seriously anymore, or is this just an ongoing joke with America?”

Watters responded, “I never took [Schiff] seriously to begin with.”

Then, he sounded off: “Donald Trump did not obstruct justice, if anything, he obstructed ‘injustice.’ He was being framed, he fought back. He beat the rap and now, the Democrats don’t like the way the democrats beat the rap.”

Jesse continued, “If you look at what happened today, the coverup myth was totally exposed. There’s been no obstruction!”

He pointed out the stark contrast of subpoenas flying around. “In page 337 of this report, it says the day after Donald Trump fired James Comey, the White House put a document hold throughout the whole entire staff– and told them ‘don’t even throw away the burn bags; they have to preserve everything.'”

“That is in stark contrast to after subpoenas started flying in the Hillary Clinton case. After those start flying, Hillary deleted 33K emails, acid washed the server, and smashed blackberries with a hammer!” (Continued Below)

Jesse went on to said that President Trump gave over 1.4 million documents, everyone testified and that there was never any interference in the investigation.

“What happened to the last Attorney General?” He asked.

“I think Loretta Lynch met the husband of the person she was investigating secretly on the Tarmac, or Eric Holder. He was held in contempt, because he claimed executive privilege. The White House never even claimed Executive privilege here.” Jesse concluded.



President Trump also tweeted:

(Continued Below)

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