Hillary Pushes The Russia Narrative, Warns 2020 Candidates: ‘Don’t Get On The Wrong Side Of Putin’

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On Friday evening, Hillary and Bill Clinton took their speaking tour to Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT, where Star Johnson was the moderator.

During the speech, Hillary opened up more about the Mueller Report, which she broken her silence on in recent days.

Clinton cited ‘systematic interference’ that Mueller said occurred during the 2016 election and predicted the same will happen in 2020.

Hillary said, “We know that there is going to be continuing interference in line with what the Mueller report concluded about sweeping in systemic interference.”

With that, Hillary reignited the Russia narrative as she gave a bit of advice for 2020 Democrat Presidential hopefuls.

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When asked what advice she has for 2020 Democrat candidates, Hillary said, “Don’t get on the wrong side of Vladimir Putin. That would be the first.”

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She added, “Of course, that’s impossible if you stand up for America.” Videos Below