Biden’s Camp Slings A Shot At Trump Over His Kim Remarks, Levin Makes It Backfire: ‘I Thought Biden Was Talking About Obama’

On Tuesday, Joe Biden’s communications  director, Kate Bedingfield, issued a statement in retaliation to President Trump making reference to Kim Jong Un calling Biden a “low IQ individual.”

Mediate posted an article titled “Biden Campaign Slams Trump For Siding With Dictator Kim,” where Bedingfield’s statement was posted that began by saying, “The president’s comments are beneath the dignity of the office.”

She continued, “To be on foreign soil, on Memorial Day, and to side repeatedly with a murderous dictator against a fellow American and former Vice President speaks for itself. And it’s part of a pattern of embracing autocracies at the expense of our institutions – whether taking Putin’s word at face value in Helsinki or exchanging ‘love letters’ with Kim Jong Un.”

Political commentator, Mark Levin, couldn’t refrain from reacting after coming across the article, and made team Biden’s shot at the President completely backfire.

Levin said, “For a minute there I thought Biden was talking about Obama siding with the murderous terrorist regime in Tehran.”

He added, “Or was it China?  Or was it Cuba?  Or was it Russia?  Or was it the Muslim Brotherhood? Or was it Hamas?” Video Below

Mark Levin’s Official Tweet

In ending, here is a 2015 video of Levin slamming Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran: