Gowdy Breaks His Silence On Schiff Calling The Declassify Order ‘Un-American’: ‘Schiff Is An Overtly Ambitious, Partisan, Wannabe Senator’

Trey Gowdy finally got a chance to react to Rep. Adam Schiff’s comments regarding the declassification order handed down by President Trump.

In a recent statement, Schiff said, “While Trump stonewalls the public from learning the truth about his obstruction of justice. Trump and Barr conspire to weaponize law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies.”

He then declared, “The coverup has entered a new and dangerous phase. This is un-American.”

This statement contradicted an over two-year old tweet by the same Adam Schiff who said, “President Obama can and must declassify as much as possible about Russia hacking our elections. Rest assured, Trump won’t.”

When asked about which Adam Schiff should America believe, Gowdy replied, “Neither one.”

He added, “Here’s the thing. Schiff is an overtly ambitious, partisan, wannabe senator from California. So your expectation should be exceedingly low for Adam Schiff.” Video Below

“What I find amusing is the duplicity with which the D.C. media covers these events,” Gowdy continued. As an example, he pointed out how two years ago, the front page of merely every major newspaper covered “some leak of classified information,” without second thought.

Gowdy said, “Now, they’re concerned with Bill Barr, as he looks into the origins of this investigation, may disseminate classified information.

He then concluded, “So, Schiff — your expectations should be really low. The media — that’s where you should be very disappointed in the duplicity you have seen over the last two years.” Video Below