Newt Points Out Major Problems He Found Within Mueller’s Briefing: ‘[He’s] Trying To Have It Both Ways’

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke publicly on Wednesday and officially concluded his two-year-long investigation into allegations of Russian collusion during 2016 election. Further, he closed his office and retired from the Department of Justice.

Former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, reacted to Mueller’s brief news conference where he slammed Mueller for his “convoluted” report and accused both Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey of “trying to have it both ways.”

During an interview with Fox News anchor, Bill Hemmer on “America’s Newsroom” Newt Gingrich stated that during Ken Starr’s Special Counsel that he specifically used the word “guilty” 11 times and 6 of them were “obstruction of justice” in his independent report of Bill Clinton.

“If Mueller felt or used the word guilty once, we’d be in a different world. But Mueller wrote this convoluted, complex– two entire chapters and doesn’t conclude anything that is dispositive. He certainly didn’t come down and say the President is ‘guilty’ of anything, where Starr said unequivocally that Clinton was guilty on 11 counts,” Gingrich said. “And that’s a major difference of where we are today.”

“Both Comey and Mueller are trying to have it both ways. They’d like to be statesmen. They’d like for everybody to respect them,” Gingrich suggested.

He added, “[I]n Mueller’s case, he had two full years, he had a huge team, they wrote a report. Now, if they can’t get their report right, I don’t know why they’re coming back later to tell us what it is they wish they might have said. In Comey’s case, I think he’s scared to death of what Attorney General Barr’s doing and the fact that a lot of stuff’s going to come public that’s going to make Comey’s directorship look really, really bad.” (Continued Below)

Asked about Mueller’s finding of “insufficient evidence” pertaining to Russia collusion, Gingrich responded, “Oh, come on. Gimmie a break. They interviewed 500 people, they spent millions and millions of dollars. They put several people in solitary confinement for lengths of time… if they didn’t find it, what are they complaining about?”

Newt said the Special Counsel had all of the resources they needed and a “bunch of really smart left-wing lawyers”– all of whom disliked President Trump. “They went all out, and they didn’t get anything. At some point in the hunt, you gotta decide there’s no deer in the forest. And the fact is they couldn’t prove anything,” Gingrich said.

He noted that in the absence of proof in America, you are innocent adding that the President is innocent. (Video Below)

Switching gears to obstruction, Gingrich explained that the Special Counsel didn’t have to say it was a crime.

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“They could say ‘we found him guilty of obstruction.’ Mueller had every right to render a judgment without demanding an indictment. He could’ve said ‘we have have reached a conclusion that he was guilty of obstruction’. [Mueller] didn’t say that. So in the absence of a conclusion that he is guilty, under the American system, he is innocent. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Trump is innocent on both those counts,” the former Speaker concluded.


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Gingrich also tweeted, “Mueller tried today to have it both ways. If he thought President Trump was guilty of something he should have said he was guilty of something. Ken Starr used the word guilty 11 times on 11 different counts in his report on President Clinton. If not guilty Trump is innocent.”

He continued, “I want to reemphasize a key part of the American system. You are innocent until proven guilty. The left wants to reverse that for the President and put the burden of proof on him. That is simply unAmerican. The left will bait Muller into saying more and more in their desperation.”

The former Speaker concluded, “My typing is sometimes wrong but the principle is timeless in the American system. Mueller (note correct spelling) had a two year opportunity to find President Trump (note correct spelling) guilty. He failed in a massive report. Case closed.”

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