Ronna McDaniel Confidently Indicates Why ‘It Doesn’t Matter Who Dems Nominate in 2020’

Democrats might have a large number of Democrats competing for the Democrat Presidential ticket, but GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel isn’t worried one bit.

McDaniel took to Twitter on Thursday to point out what the field of Democrats have in common, and how not a single one of them will be tough competition for President Trump.

McDaniel said, “It doesn’t matter who Democrats nominate in 2020.”

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To back up her statement, she said, “Every single Democrat running is openly embracing radical socialist policies at a time when our economy is booming.”

McDaniel concluded, “[President Trump] is right: “America will NEVER be a socialist country!” Video Below

Ronna McDaniel’s Official Tweet (Video Below)

In ending, here is Greg Gutfeld with his take on the 2020 contenders: