Maxine Asks Her Followers To Call Trump A ‘Disrespectful’ Name, Instantly Backfires: ‘Your Daddy?’

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), took to Twitter on Friday asking her followers to actually call President Trump a “disrespectful” name.

This comes just days after she spit out a slew of names toward the President on Twitter, but it instantly backfired.

Last Tuesday, Rep. Maxine Waters attacked the President on Twitter writing, “Low life Trump – lying, crooked, tax evader, porn star fornicator – should take his ridiculous self home, resign, and free us of what we will have to do to impeach him and throw him out of office!”

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Ironically, Maxine may have forgotten about her own name calling towards President as the California Congresswoman changed her tune on Friday and wrote, “Trump is known for calling others disrespectful names, especially women. It’s your turn now. What name would you call him?”

However, Twitterverse reacted and it instantly backfired. (Continued Below)

Maxine’s official tweets:

Maxine’s own name calling:

Twitterverse reacted, here are a few:

(Continued Below)

(Continued Below) 

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