Bongino Reveals The Main Points Of Interest He Thinks Durham Is ‘Nailing People To The Wall On’

On Saturday, Dan Bongino joined Judge Jeanine to give his reaction on the latest revelations regarding John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

In an exclusive report, Catherine Herridge of Fox News said sources tell her that Durham is “very dialed in, asking all the right questions about alleged surveillance abuse in 2016 and how a warrant was obtained for Trump campaign aid Carter Page.”

Bongino speculates Durham is focusing on the discrepencies that exist related to when the counter-intelligence operation of the Trump campaign actually began.

He mentioned the FBI’s claim that their investigation into Trump’s campaign began on July 31, 2016, after receiving a tip.

In regards to the FBI’s side of the story, Bongino said, “That can’t be possible, because the FBI is in London two weeks earlier meeting with who? Christopher Steele who writes the dossier on Trump.”

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“George Papadopoulos is nowhere in the dossier, Judge,” Bongino continued. “So the FBI’s story about investigating Trump July 31, when two weeks earlier, they were meeting Steele in London, doesn’t make any sense.”

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He then came to the conclusion, “Those are the questions, I believe, Durham is nailing these people to the wall on.” Video Below