Jeanine RIPS Congress For Forcing Trump To Negotiate With Foreign Power On Immigration: ‘Are You Stupid & Blind’

Saturday during her opening monologue on Fox News’ “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro blasted members of Congress for their part in stringing along the “immigration crisis” that America faces.

The Judge called out Congress for putting President Trump in the position to have to use leverage over Mexico created by the threat of tariffs as a solution to the problem.

Judge Jeanine explained that Donald J. Trump is the first President in a generation who is willing to tackle America’s worsening crisis at the southern border, even singlehandedly if he must.

“Congress would rather deny him a win and let the problem proliferate no matter the harm to the American people, even his own party fails him, yet again,” she said.

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Last month 144,000 entered through our southern border illegally, violating our laws. “Yet we’re at risk of losing our greatness as we reward illegals whose backgrounds we don’t know, who surged through our borders because they know that we’re powerless to enforce our laws,” Pirro stated. (Continued Below)

Judge Jeanine also exposed Republicans who voted for an amnesty bill that was passed in the House this week, that provided no resolution to the crisis at the border.

Fox News Video Screenshot.

“So the President is left to go it alone. Congress has failed at every step of the way while attempting to give itself a raise,” she said. (Continued Below)

“So what can be done to fix the crisis?” the Judge asked. “The left doesn’t have a plan other than to fill the Democrat voting roles and the Republicans going along with them should just change to Democrat to fill those roles.”

However, Pirro believes Congress should be fired and she explained why:

“Now that I think of it, Congress ‘ought to be fired for forcing this President to negotiate with a foreign power to solve a national immigration crisis’ that our own government won’t solve– either because it is a manufactured crisis,” she said.

“Are you stupid and blind or do you hate the President so much that you would rather we Americans suffer the burden of the children of illegals into our already too small classrooms? Not having the budget to hire the teachers to deal with the variety of languages they speak with the American kids suffering a slowdown in their own education, not to mention MS-13 gang members in school who killed students at a high school on Long Island. Who pays for this?” she asked. (Video Below) 

“Congress would rather sit on their hands and give themselves a pay raise. I have an idea, fire the whole lot of them and bring in every family that’s been affected by illegal immigration,” Pirro recommended.

She concluded, “It all comes down to one thing: the strength of the President to again defy the odds, the naysayers, and the doubters to do what no President has done. Fix this mess! This is Donald Trump’s moment in history and I for one believe in the man and the moment, so should you.”


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