Chaffetz Humiliates Dems In His Reaction To Dean’s Testimony: ‘Terrible Embarrassment’

On Monday, former White House counsel to Richard Nixon and CNN contributor, John Dean, testified before the House Judiciary Committee led by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

Former Utah Republican congressman, Jason Chaffetz, weighed in afterward calling the hearing a “terrible embarrassment.”

Jason Chaffetz believes the Democrats put on a “show” explaining that “when your core star witness is a convicted felon and he starts his testimony by saying ‘I’m not a fact witness,’… if it was a court they would’ve tossed him out and wouldn’t even allow him to testify.”

Chaffetz said that Chairman Nadler is running a “high school show” that is not worthy of the Judiciary committee. “It is a terrible embarrassment! And the core premise, the heart of their argument is based on a fallacy. It’s based on fiction and it’s going nowhere and they proved that yesterday,” he declared.

The former Utah Congressman noted that Nadler went back 40 years using a witness who was sent to prison for obstruction of justice but won’t call in Robert Mueller to testify.

“I don’t think [Democrats] want to go through the gauntlet of Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Matt Gaetz, and John Ratcliffe asking questions about the genesis of all these things,” Chaffetz suggested. (Continued Below)

“Mueller has nothing on the President and that leaves Nadler with an empty bag, “Chaffetz said.

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He added of Nadler continuing his circus show, “Go ahead House Judiciary, go ahead Nadler, keep talking about this. You’re going to remind people that you have nothing on Donald Trump and that the President was exonerated on this. There was no Russia collusion.” (Continued Below)

“Their arguments are shallow, but go ahead and keep doing it, because at some point Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, the Department of Justice is going to come out with his report. We know that Attorney General Barr is going after the genesis of the start of this investigation, the FISA abuse, the Steele dossier. And when that comes out, that will be real news, “Chaffetz concluded daring Nadler to press forward with his circus.


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