Tucker Dissects The ‘Baffling’ Testimony By John Dean: ‘He Has Nothing To Do With Robert Mueller’

Tucker Carlson found it “baffling” that Democrats called former Watergate star witness, John Dean, to testify in front of Congress.

In his Tuesday program, Tucker said, “John Dean is 80 years-old. He has nothing to do with Robert Mueller or his investigation. Dean hasn’t worked in any of the last eight presidential administrations.”

With that pointed out, Tucker asked “So why was Dean on Capitol Hill?”

“It’s simple, he works for Jeff Zucker now as a CNN contributor,” said Tucker replying to his own question. He then played clips of Dean making anti-Trump statements, which he believed Democrats were hoping he would do at the hearing.

Tucker brought up how Dean admitted during his testimony that he was not there as a “fact witness” and mocked him by saying, “What other kinds of witnesses are there?!”

He went on to slam another witness who was present at the hearing, and exposed her for being a legal analyst for liberal-leaning MSNBC. Video Below

Tucker said, “For a few hours, CSPAN looked like a CNN panel, as people in make-up thundered for IMPEACHMENT!”

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He then declared, “But, in fact, the whole show was an indication of how weak pro-impeachment forces really are.” And, whatever they were trying to do at the hearing to rally impeachment support, he believes, falled flat. Video Below