Gaetz Steps To The Podium & Calls For An End Of ‘Harassment’ In Wake Of Don Jr.’s Senate Interview

Rep. Matt Gaetz took to the House floor on Tuesday to call on his colleagues in Congress to put a stop to the harassment of President Trump and his associates.

His fiery speech came as Donald Trump Jr. is set to face the Senate Intel Committee for a follow up interview in regards to his prior testimony.

Gaetz said, “After the Mueller report, we now know the President was falsely accused of engaging in a criminal conspiracy with Russia, for 22 months.”

He then slammed Democrats for pushing forward in their efforts against Trump after Mueller’s findings and trying “to tweeze all of the President’s reactions to be being falsely accused.”

On the flip side, however, Gaetz said, “Republicans believe that we should figure out what the root was of the false accusation in the first place.”

Gaetz then mentioned how the Senate is continuing “harassment” measures and cited how Donald Trump Jr. is about to be “hauled before” the Senate Intel Committee on Wednesday. Video Below

He went on to suggest the underlying reason for the interview is because Don Jr.’s prior testimony conflicts with the testimonies of Michael Cohen and Rick Gates.

In regards to Gates and Cohen, Gaetz said they are “two people who are in prison for lying or going to prison for lying.”

“It is past time to stop the harassment of the President and the first family, to acknowledge those who engaged in false accusations for an extended period of time, and to figure out how in the world such anaccusation was able to be funded by the DNC, cooked up in the Obama White House and then polluted by Russians,” Gaetz concluded. Video Below


In ending, here is a related tweet Gaetz posted in regards to his speech.