Trump Aims For Free Real Estate In His Haters’ Heads With New Self-Promotional Clip

President Trump took to Twitter on Friday where he seemingly trolled his haters and gave the media and left something to cry about over the weekend.

Trump is the master troller and knows how to trigger the mainstream media, but also get his message directly to the American people.

On Friday, President Trump knocked his haters against their “dictator” claims when he tweeted a video showing campaign signs of Trump winning over and over.

The left and mainstream will be up in arms over the weekend as it’s their worst nightmare to see another Trump victory.

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The video starts with a sign that says Trump 2024, then Trump 2028, Trump 2032, Trump 2036, Trump 2040, Trump 2044, Trump 2048, Trump 2052…. as Trump is standing in the background the numbers keep changing. (Video Below)

As the video continues, President Trump stands around and savagely looks up as the last signs says, “Trump 4 Ever”.

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The haters will cry, but deep down they will be mad that they didn’t think of this idea for themselves. (Video Below)

President Trump’s official savage tweet:

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