In Reaction To The Debates, Ronna McDaniel Sums Up Dems Message To Voters: ‘We Can’t Let Them Win’

Democrat Presidential candidates raised eyebrows, yet again, on day two of the debates.

Topics involving the border and illegal immigrants defined a moment of the debate. And, at one point, all candidates raised their hands to show support for a plan to provide health insurance to undocumented immigrants.

While this pivotal moment led to a reaction out of President Trump, Democrat candidates also struck nerves with those on the right, as they slammed efforts to prevent illegal immigration and pushed the concept of open borders.

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About midway through the debate, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had seen enough to draw a conclusion on what Democrats’ platform will primarily consist of heading into 2020.

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In a tweet Ronna said, “The Democrat Party’s message: If you come here illegally, you can stay. If you come here illegally, you won’t be punished. If you come here illegally, you’ll get free health care.

She added, “Why have borders at all? Oh right, they don’t want them either.”

“We can’t let them win in 2020!,” McDaniel concluded. See Below

Ronna McDaniel’s Official Tweet

In ending, here is video of Hannity giving his analysis of the Democrat debates.