All Dems On Stage Raise Hands In Support Of Healthcare For Undoc’d Immigrants, Trump Trump Reacts: ‘How About Taking Care Of American Citizens first!’

10 years ago, former Vice President Joe Biden sat behind former president Barack Obama at the State of the Union while he defended their administration against the accusation that Obamacare covered illegal aliens.

On Thursday night, every candidate on stage raised their hand to support healthcare for illegal aliens.

Joe Biden, when asked directly, was pressed on whether he would be in support of giving health care to illegal aliens and seemed to have trouble hearing the question and a bit confused.

He flopped on his previous administration’s stance while making sure everyone was aware that he agrees with the rest of the radical Democrats on stage– that American taxpayers should foot the bill to provide healthcare to illegal aliens.

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President Trump immediately took to Twitter and called out the loony Democrats for not putting American citizens first. (Continued Below)

The Commander in Chief wrote, “All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare.”

“How about taking care of American Citizens first!?” He asked for America.

“That’s the end of that race!” He declared. (Video Below)

President Trump’s official tweet:

All candidates raising their hands:

(Continued Below)

Biden having trouble hearing:

And, this is exactly why President Trump will win again. He cares about America first.

We leave you with A live look at President Trump as he watches the 2020 Democratic field:

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