Graham Guides Dems Down The Bitter Path Of Defeat In Reaction To Their Debates: ‘This Is Becoming Trump’s Election To Lose’

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) unloaded on the radical left following two nights of appalling  Democratic presidential debates.

The debates appeared as nothing more than pandering to illegal immigrants with open arms, offering “free stuff”, and all the while, spitting in the faces of every American, our military and veterans.

Sen. Graham took to Twitter in a series of Tweets pushing back at Democrats’ proposals during the debates calling it “a very dangerous agenda”. He listed what Democrats support while championing for President Trump’s second term.

Graham began, “The immigration debate is turning into complete slander against the brave men and women serving our nation on the border. It’s sad that the Mexican government is more willing to work with President Trump than the Democrats are. #DemocraticDebate”

He continued, [The] “Immigration debate is turning into an open invitation to anyone in the world to come to America. No consequences. No rules. Disaster in the Making.”

Graham listed off some of their radical agenda proposals, “Open borders. Taxpayer-funded abortions. Government-owned and run health care. Sky high tax rates,” and added sarcastically, “What a ‘winning’ combination for working people.” (Continued Below)

Then, the South Carolina Senator explained, “Two nights in this is becoming @realDonaldTrump’s election to lose. Democrats are on the path to making Trump look like George Washington. The more they talk, the better he looks. #4Terms.”

Graham named another set of what Democrats stand for, “After 2 nights of #Democratic Debate[s] the leading candidates support:”

  • Open borders
  • Free healthcare for illegal immigrants
  • Taking away private healthcare from American citizens
  • Taxpayer-funded abortions
  • Sky high tax rates
  • Gutting military
  • Appeasing Iranians

“A very dangerous agenda for our national and economic security,” Graham said. He maintained his support for President Trump by adding, “#Trump2020″. (Continued Below)

Sen. Graham also pointed out, “Never forget it was the Obama-Biden Administration who withdrew all troops from Iraq — against sound military advice. Their decision led to the rise of ISIS, 500K deaths in Syria, and ISIS planned and inspired attacks throughout Europe and the US.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden said during the debate on Thursday night, “I was responsible for getting 150,000 combat troops out of Iraq– my son was one of them.”

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As per Vox, the US left Iraq not because Biden solved all of Iraq’s ills. It was because Iraq’s then-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was fed up with having US troops in his country and effectively forced them out in 2011. Biden has a checkered foreign policy past, and his authorization vote for the Iraq War is its blackest mark.

Sen. Graham’s official tweets:

(Continued Below)

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