Flake Comes Forward & RIPS Jimmy Carter For Suggesting Trump’s Presidency Is ‘Illegitimate’

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Former Republican Senator, Jeff Flake, was one of President Trump’s most vocal critics before retiring from his Senate seat.

In fact, it’s been highly speculated that his strong opposition to President Trump is what led to his popularity to crash, ultimately leading to his decision to retire.

Despite his disagreements with the President, Flake slammed Jimmy Carter over recent remarks directed at Trump and his Presidency.

Carter suggested in an interview that Trump’s Presidency is “illegitimate” and went as far as saying that Russia helped President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

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Flake fired back after reading an article on Carter’s comments. See Below

In a string of two tweets, Flake said, “This is an awful thing for one American President to say about another. Argue that he shouldn’t be reelected, sure, but don’t say that he wasn’t legitimately elected.”

He continued, “We need to stop trying to disqualify each other. I could not support President Trump largely because of his awful embrace of birtherism,” he continued.

“President Carter calling President Trump illegitimate is not right either. We should be better than this,” Flake concluded. See Below

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