Press Sec Grisham Reacts As Trump Signals He’s Willing To Release Ukraine Call Transcripts: ‘We’ll See What Happens’

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham spoke with “Fox & Friends” Monday morning where she responded to President Trump’s July phone call with the President of Ukraine, after the Commander in Chief reportedly urged the leader to investigate Biden’s son’s dealings in the country.

Following the phone call, an unidentified intelligence community official filed a whistleblower complaint with the intelligence community inspector general on Aug. 12, after reportedly becoming concerned about President Trump’s alleged conversation with the Ukraine leader. The complaint was filed at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

“The President made it very clear that he did absolutely nothing wrong. This is just another reason for Democrats and for the media to attack and look for things that just aren’t there. The fact of the matter is, the President has calls with foreign leaders all the time. People are listening on those calls, generally. There’s some kind of transcription made generally, and the President knows that. He’s above board; he’s just talking to those foreign leaders and he’s working for the American people,” Grisham explained.

The press secretary said President Trump is “willing” to release the transcript but has reservations. She also explained that during phone calls with foreign leaders there may be up to 20 people listening.

“When foreign leaders come together to speak, they need to be able to speak candidly,” Grisham said. “I do think that perhaps releasing this kind of a transcript could set a bad precedent. He’s willing to do it, I think. But there’s a lot of other people, lawyers and such, that may have a problem with it. We’ll see what happens.”

Grisham admitted she does not know who the whistleblower is, and when asked if she was surprised to find out that they did not even hear the conversation directly, she said, “I think that there are a lot of people, unfortunately, who aren’t looking out for the President sometimes. And so, I don’t think this is anybody but with political motives, to be honest with you.” (Continued Below)

Grisham also said Democrats’ calls for impeachment will continue to fall on deaf ears, as the party’s legislative agenda continues to stall in Congress.

“What’s new?” she asked. “If they can’t go a day without saying ‘impeachment’, it’s a bad day for them. What’s new? That’s fine, they can keep yelling.”

“This just shows they don’t have anything to run on themselves. They’ve got no issues, they can’t get anything done, so they’re going to attack this President. It’s fine,” the press secretary added. (Video Below)

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham’s full interview; her remarks on the Ukraine transcript begin at 2:18 into the video:

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