Trump Slams Reporter Over Ukraine Drama, Demands He Ask Finnish President A Question: ‘Don’t Be Rude’

During a joint news conference on Wednesday with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, President Trump took questions from the press and shut down Reuters reporter Jeff Mason as he tried to press the Commander In Cheif about his phone call with the President of Ukraine.

“Mr. President, can you just make clear right here what do you or what did you want President Zelenksy to do with regard to Joe and Hunter Biden?” Mason asked President Trump.

“What I want is the following, and I’ve said this loud and clear,” President Trump said as he pointed to the press. “Why are we the only ones that give the big money to the Ukraine? We give money to Ukraine and it’s bothered me from day one. I say, ‘How come it’s always the United States that gets ripped?”

“Frankly, Ukraine, we want to help [them]. And I do like the new President. You know why I like him? Because he was honest, … he said there was no pressure at all exerted on me, meaning him, by the President of the United States. He said it. By the way, that one sentence should stop this,” Trump continued. “But he said there was no pressure exerted, but you don’t have to ask him, all you have to do is read the transcript, read the telephone call.”

The President explained his longstanding complaint that foreign nations took advantage of the United States, adding that he doesn’t like being taken advantage of. “We’re not sucker country anymore, … and I don’t like to be the sucker. European countries are helped far more than we are, and those countries should pay more to help Ukraine,” he said.

The Commander in Chief then told Mason to ask a question of President Niinistö, but reporters yelled out, “What about Biden? What did you want with Biden? What did you want him to look into on Biden?” (Continued Below)

“Look Biden and his son are ‘stone-cold crooked’, and you know it. His son walks out with millions of dollars; the kid knows nothing. You know it and so do we. Go ahead, ask a question,” Trump said referring to the Finnish President.

Mason tried again: “The question was: what did you want President Zelenksy to do about Vice President Biden and his son Hunter.”

“Are you talking to me?” Trump asked. (Continued Below)

“Listen, are you ready? We have the President of Finland. Ask him a question. Did you hear me? Ask him a question. I’ve given you a long answer, ask this gentleman a question. Don’t be rude,” President Trump told Mason.

“No sir, I don’t want to be rude,” Mason responded. “I just wanted you to have a chance to answer the question that I asked you.”

“I’ve answered everything. It’s a whole hoax and you know who’s playing into the hoax? People like you and the fake news media that we have in this country — and I say in many cases, the corrupt media because you’re corrupt,” Trump told Mason. “Much of the media in this country is not just fake. It’s corrupt. And you have some very fine people too– great journalists, great reporters. But, to a large extent, it’s corrupt and it’s fake. Ask the President of Finland the question, please,” President Trump fired off.

The President later told the reporters, “If the press were straight, and honest, and forthright, and tough, we would be a far greater nation,” to which CNN’s Acosta responded, “We are, Mr. President”.

But President Trump shot back, “We would be far greater if we didn’t have the CNN’s of the world who are corrupt people.” (Video Below)

President Trump’s full remarks with Reuters reporter Jeff Mason:

President Trump on the press:

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