Rep Zeldin On Mark Sandy’s Secret Deposition: “Definitely Didn’t Fit Schiff’s Fairy Tale Bribery Narrative”

Zeldin, SandyLee Zeldin (Fox Video Screen Shot), Mark Sandy (C-SPAN Video Screen Shot)

Congressman Lee Zeldin dropped some hints about the closed-door deposition of White House budget employee Mark Sandy that took place Saturday evening in a basement SCIF on Capitol Hill where secret impeachment hearings have been taking place.

According to CBS News, Sandy is the first official from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to testify in the inquiry and his testimony could have helped answer any remaining questions in regards to the withholding of military aid to Ukraine for several months, which the the OMB likely played a major role in the move.

Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, who was present at closed-door deposition, told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that Sandy’s testimony put a bigger “hole” in Democrats’ narrative that accuses President Trump of committing “bribery.”

Zeldin said one of the main questions that committee members have been wondering is “Why there was a hold in aid to Ukraine?” And Sandy’s answer to that question, according to Zeldin, “made for a very bad day for those who are pushing this impeachment charade.”

“They had the quid pro quo narrative and that reached its dead end,” Zeldin said. “They changed it to extortion last Sunday. During the week they changed it to this new word ‘bribery’ — they stopped using ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘extortion’.

“So, there already was a hole in the facts. We already had that hole, but this is a deeper, bigger hole because this is Mark Sandy, who is not a political appointee,” he continued. “He is a career appointee who has been in the government for decades. His answer was candid, genuine, believable.” Video Below

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Zeldin tweeted a segment of his interview with Bartiromo along with a caption that said, “The answers yesterday by OMB’s Mark Sandy, at the latest closed door impeachment depo, re the hold on $ to Ukraine, definitely didn’t fit Schiff’s fairy tale bribery narrative…not by a long shot.”

“This transcript & all other transcripts MUST be released BEFORE the next hearing,” he concluded. Video Below

Congressman Zeldin’s Official Tweet