Pres Trump Slams Schiff As A ‘Deranged Human Being’ & ‘Maniac’ At NATO Summit: “This Guy Is Sick”

President Donald Trump slammed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) while taking questions from reporters amid the NATO summit in London on Tuesday.

A reporter had asked the President about Republicans, who want to call Schiff forward to testify as a witness, because of Schiff’s staff involvement with the anonymous whistleblower.

Asked by a reporter during the NATO summit: “What do we want to learn from Adam Schiff’s testimony? What would you want to learn if he testified?”

“I learn nothing from Adam Schiff. I think he’s a maniac,” the president expressed. “I think Adam Schiff is a deranged human being.”

“I think he grew up with a complex, with lots of reasons that are obvious,” Trump continued. “I think he’s a very sick man. And he lies. Adam Schiff made up my conversation with the president of Ukraine.”

“And one of the reasons people keep talking about it is that’s what they saw. We have a perfectly beautiful 3 or 4-page transcription, and then in the other case, a 2-page transcription of the conversation,” the Commander in Chief explained. (Continued Below)

The President continued: “But a lot of people didn’t read that. A friend of mine called up, a top person in New York, a great friend of mine, very successful. [He said], ‘Gee, I didn’t like what was said’. I said, ‘Oh, where did you see it? Did you read it?’ [He said], ‘No, I didn’t read it, I heard Adam Schiff give it.’ I said, ‘Well, that’s not what was said.’ And I sent him a copy of what was said, [and] he said, ‘This isn’t what he said.'”

“This guy is sick!” President Trump proclaimed. “He made up the conversation, he lied. If he didn’t do that in the halls of Congress, he’d be thrown in jail. But he did it in the halls of Congress and he’s given immunity. This is a sick person. He’s a liar.”

“And by the way, Nancy Pelosi knew he was lying and she went on her show, Stephanopolous, and she said, ‘He told the truth’. So she was lying too. These people are deranged. (Video Below)

President Trump’s official remarks:

The House Intelligence Committee held a hearing in September to interview acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire pertaining to the July 25 phone call between the Presidents, the transcript of that call, and the whistleblower complaint about the call.

During Adam Schiff’s opening statement, he fabricated the phone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky, to which he later claimed in the hearing that it was “parody”.

(Continued Below)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended Schiff’s actions in an October interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopolous and claimed he did not embellish any of the facts.

“I want the American people to know what that phone call was about. I want them to hear, it. So yeah [the parody’s] fair,” Pelosi said. “It’s sad, but it’s using the president’s own words.”

“Those weren’t the president’s words, it was an interpretation of the president’s words. They’re saying he made this up,” Stephanopoulos countered, to which Pelosi claimed, “He did not make it up.”

Pelosi’s claim that Schiff wasn’t lying: