Sen. Graham To Trump: “You Know Why You’re Gonna Win? You’ve Been A Damn Good President”

Senator Lindsey Graham delivered a powerful message while showing his gratitude towards President Trump at the Keep America Great Rally in Charleston, SC.

In his speech, Senator Graham suggested Trump will win the 2020 election because he’s been “a damn good president” and thanked Trump for some of his key accomplishments.

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While standing in front of the rally audience, Graham said to President Trump, “You know why you’re gonna win? You’ve been a damn good president.”

He continued, “Thank you for 200 conservative judges. Thank you for Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch. Thank you for rebuilding the military and killing the terrorists.”

“Thank you for the strongest economy in my lifetime,” Graham added. “And thank you, more than anything else, for putting up with the neverending bullshit you have to go through.” Video Below


Here is a clip of Senator Tim Scott getting South Carolina’s Trump supporters riled up during Friday’s rally:

In ending, here is a view of the packed house at President Trump’s South Carolina rally: