Sen. McSally Officially Introduces Bill To Withhold Pay Until Senate Passes COVID-19 Relief Package

[Image source: Fox Business, MSNBC, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, & NBC News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) introduced legislation on Tuesday to withhold pay from all U.S. Senators until a COVID-19 relief and support package is passed.

On Monday, McSally had announced her intention on Twitter to introduce a bill to “withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics”.

“If the Senate can’t come together in a time of great need, no Senator should receive a paycheck—like millions of Americans. If the urgent COVID-19 relief package fails again, I’m introducing a bill immediately to withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics,” Senator McSally tweeted on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Senator released a statement saying: “If Americans aren’t getting paid, then neither should the Senators failing to support the workers and families who need help making ends meet,” said McSally.

“Today, I introduced legislation to have Senators’ pay withheld until relief is passed. It is despicable that millions of Americans are without a paycheck in this time of crisis, while the Senate wastes precious time playing political games. The Senate must pass this relief package now in order to get cash straight to the people,” she added.

Senator Martha McSally’s Bill text of No COVID-19 Relief, No Pay is available HERE. (Continued Below)

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The US Senate failed to advance a nearly $2 trillion economic stimulus package to a vote on Monday afternoon as millions of Americans anxiously waited for an aggressive government response to a looming financial crisis caused by the coronavirus, reported Business Insider.

The final tally on a motion to invoke cloture was 49-46, short of the 60-vote threshold required for the legislation to proceed. Democrats refused to support the package, arguing that the aid measure failed to adequately protect workers affected by the novel coronavirus’ spread, as per Business Insider. (Video Below)

Senator Martha McSally tweeted the bill she introduced:

Senator McSally also spoke with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo saying, “This is not a game”.