Former FBI Director James Comey Gets Humiliated After Posting A ‘Social Distance Selfie’

ComeyPhoto Credit: James Comey Twitter

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey got humiliated after posting a so-called “social distance selfie” on Twitter.

Comey, who appeared to be rather scruffy in his photo, tweeted: “Unsure how to use twitter now. Don’t know enough to tweet about #Covid19. Don’t want to tweet about Trump. Instead I will try to spread things useful, comforting, or distracting (rather than contagious) during a really hard time. Today I’ll start with my social distance selfie.”

James Comey Posts A “Social Distance Selfie”

Following his post, the twitterverse was not so kind to Comey as users replied with their very own jokes and photoshopped images of the former FBI director. See Below

Here are some of the most highly-engaged reactions to Comey’s “social distance selfie”:

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