Sen. Graham To Call Forward Clapper, Yates, Flynn, DOJ & ‘Invite’ Schiff For Potential June Hearing

On Saturday’s airing of Justice With Judge Jeanine, Senator Lindsey Graham revealed his plan to have an oversight hearing in June featuring Former DNI James Clapper, Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, General Michael Flynn and potentially House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff.

Graham’s move to have a hearing comes in wake of the Justice Department’s decision to drop charges against General Flynn after unsealed internal memos raised serious questions about the nature of the investigation that led to Flynn’s late 2017 guilty plea of lying to the FBI, Fox News reported.

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“I want to have an oversight hearing to find out why the Justice Department now believes that General Flynn was unfairly prosecuted. try to figure out why this system failed General Flynn and the country — how it got off the rails,” Sen. Graham told Judge Jeanine.

“So, I’m gonna offer General Flynn a chance to come before the country and explain what his life has been like,” he said. “I’m gonna have the DOJ come before the country and explain why they thought General Flynn’s prosecution was wrong. I’m gonna call Sally Yates and Clapper to talk about their role in all of this. I’m going to invite Schiff to come to the Senate — I can’t make him come — to explain his side of the story.”

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Graham has repeatedly stated that he can’t interrupt an ongoing investigation into someone with a hearing, which is why he won’t yet bring former FBI Director Jim Comey forward. However, he suspects the case against General Flynn will be wrapped up by June, which is when he estimates the oversight hearing will take place.

“The Flynn case is over, at least I hope it will be over by the first week in June. So I can tell you tonight that we’re gonna have our first hearing the first week in June,” Sen. Graham revealed.

“My job is oversight to explain to the country, ‘How the hell this happen? How is it possible that you can have a two year investigation, where there’s no evidence to begin with, to make sure it never happens again?” he concluded. Video Below