Schumer ‘Takes The Bait’ After Trump Unleashes A Classic ‘Troll’ Job Over Mail-In-Ballots

[Image source: C-SPAN, Fox News, and The Next News Network video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation.]

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday, slamming “mail-in-voting” and questioned whether we should “delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote”, amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Following the president’s tweet, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) vented his frustration on the Senate floor Thursday, prompting conservative actor James Woods to praise the president’s “troll level” and pointed out “the very moment” when the senate minority leader “takes the bait!”

“Can’t wait to watch heads explode on this one. Troll Level: Infinite”, Mr. Woods tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Senator Chuck Schumer vented his frustration on the Senate floor claiming in part: “One again … all he wants to do is divert from his abject failure in the coronavirus crisis.”

“He says, ‘Oh, maybe we won’t have an election’. That’s up to the Senate and the House, Mr. President! President Trump, the election will be in November, on November 3rd, and you will not change it. Stop diverting attention, President Trump!” Schumer declared. “That’s what you’ve done for three months.”

“Instead of focusing all these crazy egotistical and wrong-headed ideas, focus on COVID,” he demanded. “… We’re waiting. We’re waiting for you to get your act together and understand the depth of this crisis, the breath of this crisis, and do something real, not a stunt,” he said. Video Below

James Woods tweeted a clip of Senator Schumer venting his irritation on the Senate floor, adding: “The very moment a large-mouth bass takes the bait!”

It should be noted that the president has no authority to determine when the general election takes place. The Constitution expressly grants that power to Congress, which could delay the voting with approval from both chambers, yet that has never happened, the Daily Caller reported.

During a White House coronavirus briefing Thursday, the president explained that vote-by-mail could lead to having to “wait” for the elections results, if mail-in-voting is allowed.

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