Biden Suggests Police Officers Should Ride With Psychologists When On 911 Calls, Cruz Reacts: “A Shrink Will Show Up To Ask, ‘Tell Me About Your Mother'”

[Image source; NBC video screenshot. Fox News video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

During a Monday NBC townhall, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden suggested that police officers should be accompanied by a “psychologist or psychiatrist” for the ride, when on a 911 call, adding that “community policing” is the best strategy.

Biden also claimed that he would bring members of the law enforcement community together with civil rights leaders “and sit down and decide what are the things that need to be done to improve and help police officers” if he is elected in November.

“When your husband goes on a call, that is in fact a 911 call, it’s better if he or she has with them a psychologist or psychiatrist with them, someone who knows how to deal with someone who is not all there,” Biden said.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted on Twitter early Tuesday morning to Biden’s suggestion of having police officers accompanied by a “psychologist or psychiatrist”.

Cruz tweeted, “When a violent criminal attacks your home, instead of a cop, a shrink will show up to ask him, ‘tell me about your mother.’ That will keep us much safer….”.

During the first debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, Biden failed to name one single law enforcement group that is backing him. “I don’t think you have any law enforcement. You can’t even say the word law enforcement. Because if you say those words, you’re going to lose all of your radical left supporters. And why aren’t you saying those words, Joe? Why don’t you say the words law enforcement?” the Commander in Chief told Biden. Continued Below

Senator Ted Cruz’s official tweet:

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Meanwhile during the NBC townhall on Monday, Biden admitted that he currently does not have the support of law enforcement:

Biden also claimed that police officers should have “sensitivity training”:

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